9 thoughts on “Park Chu Young, Yossin Benayoun, Andre Santos, Per Mertesacker, Mikel Arteta, WELCOME TO ARSENAL

  1. abdul khalifa

    lol you sure dont know anything about football haha, first of all ferbanch
    isnt a team, its fabernache, 2nd mikel arteta is not a young spaniard, he
    is 29 years old thats pretty old, 3rd the world cup was last year not 2
    years ago and last there is no position such as a ‘winger in defence’, and
    even if there was mertesacker doesnt play there, he plays a a CB.
    hahahahha, they are all good buys but if you dont know anything about
    football i wouldnt go posting videos up. cheers.

  2. WhatShamSays

    woow…i wish he managed man city…..relegation party 2012 HAHAHA

  3. amrkamil

    Arsenal singed some players, good but not pretty good. They r above average
    players with experience .

  4. SSTRICK19

    @ziwafilahk It’s not ‘fabernache’ it’s ‘fenerbahce’… second letter is an
    ‘e’…. if you’re gonna correct someones spelling at least get it right

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