1. abdul khalifa

    lol you sure dont know anything about football haha, first of all ferbanch
    isnt a team, its fabernache, 2nd mikel arteta is not a young spaniard, he
    is 29 years old thats pretty old, 3rd the world cup was last year not 2
    years ago and last there is no position such as a ‘winger in defence’, and
    even if there was mertesacker doesnt play there, he plays a a CB.
    hahahahha, they are all good buys but if you dont know anything about
    football i wouldnt go posting videos up. cheers.

  2. WhatShamSays

    woow…i wish he managed man city…..relegation party 2012 HAHAHA

  3. amrkamil

    Arsenal singed some players, good but not pretty good. They r above average
    players with experience .

  4. SSTRICK19

    @ziwafilahk It’s not ‘fabernache’ it’s ‘fenerbahce’… second letter is an
    ‘e’…. if you’re gonna correct someones spelling at least get it right

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