Wenger should leave according to Arteta

Former Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta believes that it is high time that Arsene Wenger leaves the London club.

He believes that the club needs a change in management style if they want to progress and he fears that if the French manager stay any longer, the club could begin to implode.

The Spanish midfielder who is now working at Manchester City said that Wenger is a good manager but it is time for a change at Arsenal. He believes that the players are not playing for the manager and that he feels that the club is not progressing.

He believes that the club had a genuine chance of winning the title last season but unfortunately they could not capitalize on the poor form of their rivals. He said that this allowed Leicester City to win the title quite easily.

Mikel Arteta believes that there are some good managers that might be interested in taking charge of a club such as Arsenal. He said that the club already has a good squad and that they also have a loyal fan base. Continue reading “Wenger should leave according to Arteta”


Former Spanish player Mike Arteta has finally made the tough decision to hang his boots.

After having had a total appearance in 259 matches playing for the Gunners and Everton, the 34-year old footballer has decided to retire from his professional football career.

Upon announcing his retirement, it seems apparent that Arterta is not quitting the sport for good; rather he seems to be transitioning from player to coach. Arterta who has just confirmed his decision to leave the club as a player to join Manchester city at the Etihad stadium has composed an open letter to his fans that he definitely will be leaving behind in his now former team.

Arterta will be joining club manager Pep Guardiola’s backroom staff and coaching crew at the Ethihad. Despite the numerous games in which Arterta featured in during his career, the Spaniard had witnessed a seemingly dull end to his career. Continue reading “ARTETA WRITES OPEN LETTER TO ARSENAL FANS”

Mikel Arteta wants Arsenal to Perform on Consistent basis

Arsenal suffered yet another home defeat at the hands of Manchester United after losing 2-1 at the Emirates stadium. This was despite the team from North London dominating for much of the 90 minutes. Mikel Arteta has reflected on his disappointing result by saying that Arsenal need to show much more consistency especially in the home matches. He says that scoring goals is what counts most in football and this has been proved once again. The defeat puts further pressure on manager Arsene Wenger, who has been able to survive long in the job merely on the fact that Arsenal have consistently qualified for the Champions League.

The club’s Champions League qualification for next season is thrown into doubt once again as a result of this defeat. Arteta’s own future at Arsenal is under a cloud of doubt since he is thought to be angry with the fact that the club will not provide no more than 12 month contracts for players over 30. At 32 years of age, Arteta reckons that experienced players have a valuable role to play in the success of the club. Inability to reach a conclusion could see Arteta departing the Emirates in the summer. The Spaniard joined Arsenal in 2010 from Everton for £ 10 million.

“We played our best game of the season, but it is about being ruthless for sure because when you are inside the box, and you cannot manage to score in that many situations, you cannot expect to win a football game.When you lose, there is something which is not going well, but we cannot forget (what we have done well) as that creates a lack of belief and confidence if you just take a lot of negatives at the end when you have lost the game,” said Arteta.