1. bulkysalmon

    1ST omgomg im actually 6th hahahahah fooled you all

  2. sao oq


  3. mrgekkeaap

    A bit inspired by KYR SP33DY, the master troller of cod

  4. William Hesketh

    You move your left hand SO much and never look at the camera

  5. Callum Evans

    I wanna play u for 100 thousand coins if u want invite me mid day GT: l
    CAllUM l x UK

  6. Thomas Øverby

    Dont belive then this is real beacuse ho say this is real in the start and
    dont show they give him away

  7. SWE Collcter

    you are a very good youtuber for you will not be so angry when you lose:D

  8. Johnny And Nicole

    Something A Bit Different Than My Normal Videos For You Guys Today So Be
    Sure To Drop A Like If You Enjoy And Let Me Know If You Want To See More 😀

  9. MickyMuffMuncher

    What’s with the music at the start it was some mario cart shit lol

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