Future. Forever. Victorious. #Gooners showed their love on Carnaby St. Now
    your turn: “1-0 to the Arsenal…”

  2. pojomon1234

    can’t help but admire arteta and the senior boys for the respect and
    professionalism for the club

  3. DawnMoon

    0:54 lol santi couldn’t hold his poker face, he loves it rlly :)

  4. NJ Moallim

    Does Arteta have a chant? Such a humble individual. Pure class

  5. Zack Walker

    Gunners should quit gunning for trophy’s and actually hit something. (Get
    them) ouo

  6. Joel Tan

    so hard to choose! i love the home and 3rd kit! which one to take home!

  7. LPNightofDawn

    Arteta is pure class. Oh and the hair is still perfect of course.

  8. OmFgFFsWtF

    I’m not an arsenal fan, but what they are doing is great. This is the best
    way to launch a kit. 

  9. Sportech Nz

    Cazorla, Arteta & Flamini Surprise Fans at PUMA Arsenal Kit Launch

  10. Anthony Stephenson

    Cannot wait to spend some money on these great kits.

  11. Péter Szökrönyös

    I spotted my fellow Hungarian Gooners at 0:32 !! 🙂 ASZK !!

  12. Offiicial Queens Park Rangers Talent Scouts Oceania

    1:35 – who knew Tom Huddleston was a gooner?

  13. Daniel Arroy

    I think Arsenal made a bad decision signing a contract with Puma

  14. The Boss

    Arteta is still there? He is so bad for arsenal and he takes up a good
    number. I’d sell him ASAP

  15. CODofTHEcreed

    What is the blue kit for? Red is home, yellow is away but what is blue?

  16. EckkoVoid

    I really thought they were manniquins… surprised me..

    Gunners Forever. Can’t wait for the season to start

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