Mikel Arteta Tribute

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  1. theolliep123

    i think everton i the next 3 year are gonna in the top 3 biggest clubs in england and title contenders also i think arteta is underatted but everton aswell

  2. theolliep123

    i think everton i the next 3 year are gonna in the top 3 biggest clubs in england and title contenders

  3. jeffreyikin

    You just need to now add that merseyside derby goal to this AMAIZING video of the BEST Spaniard on the planet!!!

  4. missusarteta

    Mikel Arteta is sooo gorgeous. His got fit eyes and mouth. I’ve been ‘in love’ for ever xx hatin on his missus, love this song scenechick x

  5. FlowFact0ry

    Gracias por ser Español Mikel. Siempre tendrás hueco en la Selección. En la Roja.

  6. samirleonardo

    @dissy1994 yeah that was before he signed the new contract but i still expect him to comeback at least as part of the barca staff after he retires

  7. dissy1994

    @samirleonardo hahahaha. He already signed a new five-year contract and said he knows how important the club is to him and how important he is to the club. so much for barca and cesc.

  8. samirleonardo

    You are coming back to barca along with cesc to replace yaya toure

  9. sam0xin

    2:07 3:18 7:13 ! WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! it seems he has a “after shooting REMOTE control…! ” GENIUS SPORTSMAN !

  10. javi3ver

    i’m from chilean everton, and i want to say… mikel is better than xavi , xabi alonso cesc… really awesome player. We need a football player than mikel
    grande EVERTON ctm!!

  11. okytoooo

    Soy ola española, que dice que Arteta es mejor que Xavi y Silva Iniesta opinemas no por favor no guarde el fútbol, aunque creo que es mejor que alonso xavi y yo lo llevaría a la selección, la verdad no sé por qué él y Carlos Cuéllar todavía no un Aston Villa debut

  12. ScouserNolan

    mikel artea da best little spaniard we know cant wait to see im back in the royal blue jersey again

  13. SwaGGuHxX

    Amazin player been a fan of him from wen he joined rangers

  14. 07dumbell

    p13gan great choice of words m8!!!! havent heard beaut for a long time lad!!!by the way does any1 else realise how shite that hq button is it doesnt do fuck all

  15. p13gan

    jrmitti – you are a beaut!!!!!!!! youv’e just shown in 1 small sentance what a knob you are.

  16. ElleLovezEverton4Eva

    mikel arteta is fitt

    i lovee him loadss

    hee is gurjawss

    ii love you mikel arteta !!! xx

    dont eva leave everton !!!! xx

  17. sweeney2010

    jrmitti wot u talkin bout arteta has no talent u fuckin kopite bastard, he is the most underrated player in the premiership u nob, u have a team full of spanish and arteta is better than them all

  18. ghandionascooter

    arteta is better than Alonso,senna,sil va,iniesta ,xavi and thats why he should be in the spain team him and fabregas centre mid

  19. masson77

    so good to see a player being loyal to his club. arteta loves his club. wish he had stayed with rangers

  20. jrmitti

    ya, I know. what i mean is I have no doubt Arshavin would be able to mix it with that lot. I should have mentioned my comment was made as a comparison to Arshavin

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