Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola believes that sooner than later he would be vacating his seat at the Etihad and going over to the next big league he hasn’t coached in yet – the Serie A.

Even though the Blues would do anything to make him stick around, his overbearing style of coaching means that teams can hardly survive his demands every season unless of course he gets a new squad every summer. A feat not even all the riches of the Arab world could finance.

His contract with City expires in 2021 and it seems the Spaniard won’t be renewing his stay at Manchester which means Mikel Arteta’s next coaching class might be taking place in Italy except of course, he ends up replacing Unai Emery at the Emirates.

Juventus have not shyed away from making Pep their dream manager but since they don’t have as much might as a club like Madrid, they can only hope Pep choses them since not much may happen the other way round.

Guardiola took off a year after leaving Barcelona and he spent it learning German well enough to be able to used it in the dressing room to the surprise of even the club captain Phillip Lahm.

Having experienced life in Italy as a football professional while playing for Brescia, the Spaniard believes his transition won’t be as hard as the one he had to undergo in Germany.

Pep however refused to confirm if Juventus contacted him last season before they poked Maurizio Sarri from Chelsea last season.

Having conquered Spain, Germany and currently England even if the UEFA Champions League continues to elude him, making the stop at Italy looks like something history is even yearning for.

If the best coach of the 21st century is going to be in the form of one soft spoken man from Spain, all major European leagues might as well have a taste of his management.