25 thoughts on “Mikel Arteta*****Arsenal’s New Engine*****

  1. Tausif Punk

    @PrisonFighterZ : It’s okay mate, Can you do me a favor? and do a video of
    Aaron Ramsey? He is my favorite player, and your video work seems real
    good. And pick a good music. Would love to see a Ramsey video from you
    mate. There is barely any good videos of Ramsey on Youtube. If you could
    take your time and put some work on a Ramsey video, that would be much
    appreciated mate.

  2. Allsortsman92

    no disrespect to Everton, Rangers or Barcelona… but imagen where Arteta’s
    career would have been if he started out with Arsenal?

  3. PrisonFighterZ

    @ChandlerArsenalBing okay! any suggestion for a good music??

  4. Tausif Punk

    @PrisonFighterZ : I just had this idea that you could use Mockingbird by
    Eminem(Instrumental version)…<---I think that'd be a good fit in any Aaron video...But you are more knowledgeable with that stuff...

  5. Heisenberg

    If he was at arsenal aged 23 performing to the standards his performing to
    now, he would have been regarded on similar levels to how fabregas is
    regarded now, and remind me where did fabregas go when he was 23
    considering barca have iniesta busquets xavi thiago keita.

  6. Heisenberg

    Your more of an idiot than i thought, what has jack wilshere got anything
    to do with arteta when he was 23. You clearly have no idea on how a
    football team works and most likely have never played football yourself to
    understand team dynamics, i suggest you go back to fantasising over youtube
    videos and eating your doughnuts fatty.

  7. f0rgotten10

    What are you waiting for.? Arteta for Spain. He is much more talent that
    most of the spainish player.

  8. Multi908070

    wenger knows how to make a player from shit to fit 😀

  9. CallumEFC98

    despite him leaving, i still have a lot of respect for arteta, he has done
    so much for everton over the past few years, wish you all the best at
    arsenal, just dont score vs everton 😉

  10. Tausif Punk

    @PrisonFighterZ : Ummm maybe an “Angels and Airwaves song” I don’t think
    I’ve ever seen a football video with an Angels and Airwaves music. You
    could use: Soul Survivor Lifeline Flight to Apollo Secret Crowds etc etc
    They got many other good song… Those are just my suggestions but it’s
    your video, you can do what you want mate. I just want to see a good Ramsey
    video on Youtube. And thanks a lot mate.

  11. Tausif Punk

    This video is missing his goal against Blackburn, which is a shame, it was
    great goal. But nonetheless great video…

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